Tracking Industry

There are two ways to track an Industry either adding all the brands that are associated with the Industry or adding only topics associated with the Industry. Just like with the general product and service tracking, objective is critical here.

Issue with adding BRANDs related with the Industry

Though this is one of the ways to track conversations, it brings lot of hassles in terms of getting your keywords combinations right. This is because when you add BRAND names, it brings the naming ambiguity along with it. This makes it very difficult to create the optimum keywords combination.

In addition to this, adding a lot of brand keywords together will bring huge data volume. This can be very difficult to manage for research purpose and


Main Keywords: telecom

So based on these initial conversation, you can see that there is variation in the kinds of conversation which gets tracked for the keywords like TELECOM. So based on the need of the users, the combinational keywords need to be added so that only relevant keyword trends are picked.

For example, lets say that you want to track only Telecom along with 3G news or Telecom along with SCAM. Using this principle, you will be able to hugely better the quality of the result and reduce your report-making process.

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