Setting up Priority Settings

Priority Score is based on the engagement and influence of the messages. It looks into the content of the message and the social profile of the people who published the content. You have access to the complete control of the priority scores.

  1. Click on the Manage Priority Tab
  2. The tab is divided into 2 parts: Case Severity

          a. Case Severity

This looks into the content of the messages and divides the content into 3 categories (High severity, Medium severity and Low severity) based on the presence of keywords provided. This keyword can be customized based on your requirement. You will need to contact the support for further assistance in the matter.

          b. Influence Score

This looks into the social status of the profile like their followers, likes, alexa score etc. You can provide any weightage to these metrics based on your requirement.

Final score is the combination of Influencer Score, Case Severity and Post Type Scores.

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