Tracking Celebrities, Sports, Movies, and Events etc.

Tracking celebrities, sports, movies, and events are also very similar to tracking BRAND keywords. This is because celebrities, sports, and other entertainment sector go in parallel with the BRAND keywords. But it must be remembered that the nature of the conversation might be very different in case of celebrities, sports, movies or event conversation.

Unlike BRAND conversation, the conversation around this group is very dependent upon the event. For example death of a celebrity, sports event (Olympics), movie release, event launch etc. Hence, the conversation will peak for a day or so and dies again. The purpose of tracking these conversations can be different and limited to 1 week or one time.

Challenges of tracking such events

Anything can happen in this segment. For example, only a few weeks back a robot called CURIOSITY landed on MARS. Now the conversation rose to millions while trending on Twitter. At that time, tracking keywords like CURIOSITY or MARS brought a lot of conversation related to the event. Even though these keywords are basic keywords, at that very moment the conversation was only around the event. Hence, it made sense to track only these keywords.


Main Keywords: Curiosity  Relevant:   Mars  Irrelevant: N/A

In this case, the irrelevant combination would be very difficult to find due to the nature of the main keywords and the event. Even then because this is a specific event tracking, sometimes the collection of some extra irrelevant conversation would make no difference.

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