Creating A SLA for Auto Routing

In simplify360, you can create SLA rules so that if any customer queries are not handled within defined time frame then the case gets routed to the different agent.

In the Listen section, click on setting and click on Manage SLA.


You can edit the existing SLA or create a new one. When you click on Add New SLA, it will ask for Name and description of the SLA. Besides them, you need to provide escalation criteria.

In the escalation criteria, you can choose the Query and Sources where you want to apply the SLA and also on which Team. Once you set that you need to define your TIME and set the action like CHANGE THE PRIORITY and REASSIGN to a different agent.

You can set multiple CRITERIA under a single SLA.

Once the SLA is set, based on the criteria, the system will start rerouting messages to concerned agents or group of agents.

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