Introduction to Unibox

Unibox is a dedicated section designed for AGENTs. It contains all the features of workflow and task management.


  • The left-hand sidebar contains the queue of messages, which has been assigned to you.
  • The right-hand sidebar contains filters and information about the task.
  • Center section contains the main engagement control buttons, which allows you to reply, close, ignore, reject and reassign the task. This is similar to the response section found in the message section.

There will be separate document provided for only Unibox.

There are 3 various elements in the Unibox:

  1. Alerts on the left bottom section, which shows the list of tasks, which are reaching their SLA, and requires urgent attention.
  2. Play button, which hides the list of queues and shows the tasks one by one.
  3. When the agent clicks on the “Click to work” section to the task he/she is working on gets locked.
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