Viewing Campaign Dashboard

Under the campaign section, you can view the list of all the campaigns, which are currently running. Using the drop-down you can filter campaigns based on their status.


Under the action button, you can choose to edit the campaign, mark as finished, delete the campaign or view the dashboard and campaign statistics.

Section 1.02 Dashboard


Dashboard contains the overall analysis on the interaction received by the content on Twitter, Facebook and videos uploaded on YouTube and Facebook. You can use the filter to drill down on the statistics.

Section 1.03 Campaign Statistics


Campaign Statistics contains detailed metrics content wise, which can be downloaded in, excel format.

In the Campaign Statistics, you can also import content from your Admin accounts or Competitive accounts.


Choose the appropriate channel and click next.

Here you can select the messages you want and click on Import. Now these new content will be added to your campaign.

Section 1.04 Campaign Settings


Under Campaign Settings, you can adjust the formula for the Viral score accordingly to your requirement.

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