Message And Workflow

There are many workflow actions, which can be carried out from the Message dashboards.

Tag Messages: Group messages into different categories.

Ignore: Changes the status of the messages to IGNORED, this allows us to put the low priority on messages, which doesn’t need to be replied.

Reject: Reject the assigned task.

Re-Assign: Re-assign that task to other members.

Approve: Approve the replies or response.

Edit: Edit the response and approve.

Download History: Download the task history and its lifecycle.


Other actions available on the Messages Action Buttons:

Email: Send the message as an email to your members.

Report Spam: Report the message as SPAM on Twitter or add them to spam list in the internal profile settings for Facebook and Twitter.

Follow: Follow the Twitter profile that made the tweet.

Block: Block the Twitter profile.

ReTweet: ReTweet the messages to your Twitter Followers.

Shout: Edit and ReTweet the messages to your Twitter Followers.

Change Sentiment: Change the sentiment of the messages.

Permalink: Open the original link to the message.

Add Salesforce Lead/Salesforce Case: Export the message to Salesforce

Attach/detach: Attach or Deattach multiple messages to a single case.

Tag segment: Ability to Tag the User to particular created segment.

Follow up: Ability to create a follow-up email reminder and case reassignment.

Reply: Reply to the message.

In-progress: This will put your case on hold.

Like/unlike: This is a Facebook feature where you can like or unlike posts/comments.

Delete message: This message will delete the message only from the Source.

Delete from source: This will delete the message from the original posts.

Send survey: This will prompt you to choose from the list of surveys which has been created, to be sent.

Remember that when you create an alert, you are basically telling the system to send you a regular email update on what is happening on the profile dashboard.

While creating an alert you can either set it up based on an event (when the message count is more than 100) or based on keywords (when the message contains “help”) or both.

You can create more than one alert and keep track of all your messages. 

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