User Management

Channels: This means social networking profiles like your Twitter profiles, Facebook pages, LinkedIn Groups, YouTube Channel etc.

Admin: This level will have access to all the functionality of the system. They are almost like Owner of the account.

Member: This level will not have access to create or delete anything in the system. But they will be able to respond and publish using the system.

Viewer: This level will have access only to dashboards so that they can view the analytics. They cannot engage or do anything else.

For larger members, you can group users into separate teams. But one member cannot be in more than a single team except for the owner.

Users: In Simplify360, you can add as many users as possible. Every user will have their separate account but they all will be sharing the same resource package of the owner user.

Teams: If you have a team size more than 10 working on separate projects than it is recommended to create separate teams. Teams will make it easy for you to share resources with selected team members only.

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