In Publish Message UI, you are provided an interface where you can compose a message, attach a photo, shorten those long URLs using internal shortened or and attach the link.

When you shorten URLs, it is automatically added to the compose message text box.

Enabling Long Messages allows you to publish more than 140 CHAR limit on Twitter. When you enable this, you are promoted with extra text box where {URL} tag is present. This url will redirect to a separate landing page where the Long Messages reside.

Message Template allows you to choose messages from pre-composed messages, which are saved as templates. You can save templates in Publish Section.

Remember that every replies sent through Simplify360 are associated with Keyword Profiles. This way, you can group your activities with respect to different projects. But when you are publishing new content, they can either be associated to campaign, profile or nothing. Also if you chose to reply to messages that are not from keyword profiles (like from channel integration), then they are not tracked by the system.

For example if there is a Keyword Profile “Microsoft” where Microsoft related keywords are being tracked. Then if you are managing Microsoft’s FB or Twitter, when ever you are making an update or responding, you need to select Keyword Profiles from the drop down in Publish, so that all your activities are groups under one group. It helps users to filter message and keep track of them.

This is also comes in handy during Publish’s campaign dashboards where you are view clicks received on links with respect to Profiles.

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