Workflow Automation

In order to create workflow automation, you need to create:

  2. RULES

Workbasket is a group of users defined by the ADMIN for certain task. You can create multiple workbaskets based on the team structure. 

In the Listening Section:

  1. CLICK on Settings 
  2. On the left-hand side TAB, click on Workbasket


  1. Click on ADD Workbasket.

Name the Workbasket, and select the list of users. You can edit the permission of the users to define what that particular user can DO and cannot DO.


Once the workbasket is created, CLICK on RULES and Proceed to NEW RULE.

In the RULE creation section, provide a name to the rule and define its property. The property of rule can be defined in a simple manner like that of FILTERs. Use the parameters to select your options and save the RULE.

When the RULE is created, you can use it for ALERTS, AUTOTAGGING OR AUTOASSIGNMENT.


  2. Set the NAME and PRIORITY.


  1. Select the Workbasket or users from the drop down menu
  2. Click on SAVE.
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