Introduction to Campaign Dashboard

Campaign Dashboard allows you to view the performance of the content published using Simplify360. But before you can use this dashboard, you need to create a Campaign.

Go To Campaigns MENU, which is located under PUBLISH MENU and click on CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN.


Under the campaign settings, you need to provide name, description and with whom you want to share this campaign. In addition to this, you need to choose a color code and Target Score. The Target Score is the Virality score, which you are aiming at, the formula for the Virality score can be adjusted per your need.

In the Segments field, you will need to choose the User Segments that you want to assign to the campaign. By choosing a segment, all the users who have interacted with the campaign will be automated added to the User Segment List.

Once the campaign is created, whenever you are publishing new content it needs to be tagged with this Campaign ID.

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