How do I measure VIRALITY of UPDATES?

Virality is measured in terms of number of reactions and reach your content receives. In case of Facebook, its basically number of Likes, Comments and Shares your update receives. This ultimately leads to higher reach of your content. 

  1. Go to INSIGHTS > Facebook Analytics
  2. Click on the Facebook Channel whose Analytics you want to see.
  3. On the LEFT HAND menu, Click on PAGE STATISTICS.
  4. Scroll down to 9th ROW of the dashboard.

Three graphs POST ADVOCACY, POST ENGAGEMENT and POST AWARENESS measure the reaction received per post with respect to the time. The higher percentage means higher virality effect of the Update. Each of these measures the impression, reach and engagement of the Update.

In addition to this, you can access individual UPDATES on POST STATISTICS Tab where you can view detail analytics on each POSTs.

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