How do I measure Engagement?

There are multiple ways of looking at your Engagement on Twitter starting with the Simplify360 ENGAGEMENT SCORE. This score is calculated based on the number of RETWEETs and MENTIONs that you receive. The score is updated at least once in a week to reflect your Twitter Activities. It ranges from 0 to 100. 

ENGAGEMENT SCORE more than 50 is an indication of a good engagement on Twitter. 

The Second way to measure your Engagement is to look at your daily trends of Mentions and ReTweets. This indicates your followers are responding to your UPDATES on the day-to-day basis.  

  1. Go to INSIGHTS>Twitter Analytics
  2. Click on the Twitter Channel whose Analytics you want to see.
  3. On the LEFT-HAND menu, Click on TWEET STATISTICS

The first graph TWEET TREND shows you the daily Mentions and ReTweets. You can change the date range by selecting different dates from the DATE RANGE select button on the Top Right Hand Side.

You can select on the LEGENDS to hide/unhide the data points for different metrics.

The Third way to measure your Engagement is to look at the type of reactions that you are receiving. Simplify360 shows you the breakdown of engagement into Replies and ReTweets.

  1. On the TWEET ANALYTICS dashboard, scroll down to 4th ROW of graphs. The left-hand side graph name TWEETS REACTION show you the detailed breakdown of your engagement. 

This chart gives you insights into how your followers look at your content as in informational only or as conversational. For RTs mean your content are informational, whereas more Replies means it’s more conversational.

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