By default, the system tracks the provide keyword across Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn Groups, Tumblr, Flickr, Millions of Blogs/Discussion Forums and News sites. You can define region and language if you want to restrict the search.

In addition to tracking keywords across the web, you can also provide list of extra channels, which you want to listen. You can add Twitter, Facebook Pages, Google+, LinkedIn Groups, YouTube and Tumblr.

The profile will collect all the activities happening on these channels. If you add these channels as ADMIN, then you can also interact from the Message dashboard of Listen Module. It is mandatory to have one Twitter and Facebook Admin channel added to the system in order to be able to add Non-Admin Channels.

Each Keyword Profile is allocated fixed amount of volume. The data collection of the profile will be automatically stopped, after reaching its Volume Limit. Your Account Package and how much you have already allocated to other profiles determine how much volume you can assign to a Profile.

Once you are done with the Keyword Profile, you can ARCHIVE the profile. Archiving a profile will make the profile inactive and FREE up the allocated volume so that you can create more profiles. But when you archive, the settings of the channel will be lost. Hence you need to re-setup the channel settings to receive data from the channel. You can UNARCHIVE the profile at latter point of time. The data for the Profile will be available if it has not crossed 3 months.

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