Tracking keywords on social web

In order to track list of keywords on social web, you will need to create Keyword Profile.

  1. Click on Listen in the Main Menu
  2. Click on Create New Profile button on top left-hand side.
  3. Input the name for the Keyword Profile and set a certain Volume and Click on Next. (More on volume in latter section.)


  1. Input the list of keywords in Words to Track and click on next. (Details on best practices on this module in Listen Chapter)
  2. Skip the settings and social channels for now.
  3. Click on Done.


This is a very basic setup of keyword profiles. You can configure it more using different settings, which will be covered in detail. Once this setup is done, the system will automatically start tracking these keywords across the social web. You can click on the newly created Keyword Profile to access its dashboard.

Some advanced settings on Listen Keyword profile Settings:

Permission Action: Enables you to control how the system will act when agent tries to re-assign task which have been assigned to other agents. You are choose WARN (Will alert user and ask permission to continue), BLOCK (Will alert the user and restrict him/her from taking any action) or OPEN (Will not alert and restrict users).

Case Associations: If you enable this, the messages from same customers on social media will be associated with the same ticket ID.

Reply Settings: In Twitter there are two options of replying to a Tweet, Reply All or Reply. Reply All will automatically add all the users tagged in the tweet, but Reply will add only tag the user who made the Tweet.

Share Profiles: Allows you to share the profile with other users and control their access controls.

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